Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Kappa Revisited

One of my favorite Japanese restaurants in SF. I first went about a year ago (read the original review here) and ordered a la carte. Armed with an appetite and a different camera (can't believe I once lived in a 3.2 megapixel world), I went for a second time and tried the $85 pre-fixe omakase dinner. It was definitely a feast for the senses! Enjoy the photo essay!

Sake for you, sake for me...

Asparagus with peanut sauce

Crabmeat and cucumbers with vinegar dressing and sesame seeds

Simmered daikon and bean curd skin

Tuna sashimi

Uni and hamachi sashimi

Sampler platter #1

Clockwise from left: crabmeat sushi, eel, chicken meatball, grilled prawn, ankimo

Clockwise from left: candied walnuts, grilled prawn, takoyaki, squid mentaiko, duck breast, tamago, sardines

Sampler platter #2

Fried blackskin pork (front) and red snapper (back)

Unagi (front) and shrimp mushroom puff (back)

Red bean pudding

Fresh fruit

Kappa Restaurant
1700 Post Street
San Francisco, CA 94115


Anonymous said...

YUM! oh how i love japanese food

Anonymous said...

I still haven't been to Kappa and looking at your photos I must remedy this at once!

Cookie said...

WOW, that's a LOT of food but then again it's a hefty price too. I think I'll be ordering a la carte but DEFINITELY wanna give this place a try. OMG I'm totally craving sushi now!

James said...

I have spent the last few weeks away from my kitchen and my computer, so minor renovations at home could be completed, and my cooking has been limited. But I couldn't let May slip away without making and posting this fantastic tuna salad which was one of this month's picks for my Barefoot Blogger cooking group.