Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Goodies at the Ferry Building

At 5 p.m. on July 31, I officially finished the California bar examination. It was the longest and most difficult test I've ever taken, with six-hour sessions for three days, so I was incredibly relieved when it was over.

And what better way to relax and make up for stress-induced weight loss than a visit to the Ferry Building!

Thankfully it was a nice day...

Oyster shooters | San Francisco Fish Company
These bad boys were so huge and fresh that they put their companions at Hog Island to shame.

The sight of fresh fruit always makes my day a little brighter.

Good times at Cowgirl Creamery

Clam chowder, smoked salmon sandwich, and Sapporo on tap | Ferry Plaza Seafood

And for dessert...

S'Mores Chocolates | Recchiuti Confections
Vanilla bean marshmallow, graham cracker, and bittersweet chocolate

I'll be on a three-week hiatus as I travel through Southeast Asia for my post-bar trip. Check back then for photos of pad thai and singapore slings!