Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Latest Bites

Long time no post, but just a few quick words on what I've been enjoying in the past month...

Filet mignon at Ruth's Chris for Dine About Town 2010. I figure I should just go here for DAT every year from now on, since almost every time I try a new, supposedly great restaurant, I'm left feeling underwhelmed. Ruth's has never disappointed me yet, even on a regular night.

In the noodle world, I finally went to Santa Ramen in San Mateo again...

...and also rediscovered my love for Turtle Tower in San Francisco.

For our sixth month anniversary, the boyfriend and I hit up Chapeau again. The food was wonderful as usual, especially this silky-soft black cod prepared to perfection.

And some new things I've discovered?

Some damn good pork belly at Oyaji -- sweet, savory, and fatty. Who could ask for more?

And finally, thanks to a fellow co-worker, I have fallen in love with the seared ahi tuna wrap at Cafe La Taza. Something about the combination of fish, mushrooms, cucumber, and sweet sesame dressing just makes any work day a little better.

Headed for Vegas this weekend! Ready to hit up slot machines, buffets, and Bouchon!