Sunday, May 8, 2011

Macarons from Lavish Berry

I wanted to pick up something special for Mother's Day, so I hit up my friend Linda who runs a baking business on the side ( She's one of the most talented bakers I know personally, and she seems like kind of a perfectionist, which is a great quality to have in culinary circles. Anyway, even with her super busy schedule, she graciously accommodated my order of 2 dozen French macarons.

The whole thing turned out even better than I expected. The cookies were tucked into a box with pink tissue paper and decorated with a cute tag, which my mom liked so much that it's now dangling from one of our cabinet doors.

The macarons were both pretty and yummy! Slightly crisp on the outside, delightfully soft on the inside, with an airy, meringue-like consistency. The fillings - strawberry mascarpone and pistachio - were delicious and not overly sweet.

These little beauties are so light and airy that I could unwittingly eat a dozen of them in one sitting ... good for the taste buds but bad for the waistline!

And they were damn good with some vanilla ice cream too! (Did I mention waistline?)

I love supporting local bakers, especially the really promising ones, so if you're in the Silicon Valley area and need to order some baked goodies, please keep Lavish Berry in mind! And I hope everyone had a good Mother's Day!