Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Dine About Town at One Market Restaurant

I love Dine About Town specials ($31.95 for a three-course prix fixe meal), but I've always been slightly underwhelmed by my dinners in SF. Here's my theory about DAT: If you're going to use those two weeks to introduce customers to your food and hook them into coming back, then you better hit with your best shot. And so far, the restaurants I've visited for DAT in SF - Butterfly, Plouf, and most recently, One Market - were good, but did not amaze me in the way I expected.

My friend Helen ordered the regular $31.95 prix fixe, while I decided to go for the $45 prix fixe with two wine pairings. Before our first course, we were served with a complimentary bite of duck liver.

The first course was a black bean soup with thin crisps of calamari. I had never had black bean soup before, but it was surprisingly silky and light. A good way to open a palate for a meal.

For our main course, we both ordered the Berkshire pork short ribs, which were tasty but not quite tender enough. But the dish grew on me as I kept tasting it with my fabulous pinot noir.

Braised Berkshire pork ribs with butter beans and chorizo

Dessert was my favorite part of this meal. Both the peach butter tart and the strawberry trifle were well-presented and not overly sweet.

Peach brown butter tart with ice cream and berries

Fresh strawberry and Grand Marnier trifle

Overall, the dinner was enjoyable, but not of the caliber that I would expect from a restaurant with a Michelin star. Perhaps their regular menu is more promising.

One Market Restaurant
1 Market Street
San Francisco, CA 94105
(415) 777-5577


Unknown said...

Hi, Foodbuzz featured publisher. If you ever write a book of all your food critiques, please autograph my copy of the book. ^_~

Anonymous said...

mmm, next time I think I will try One Market if they do DAT again. I haven't eaten there in a long time, those desserts look delicious.

Passionate Eater said...

DAT at One Market is the biggest ripoff ever. But you know how I feel about One Market: bitter.