Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Best "Study Breaks" Ever

The non-blogging part of my life has been consumed with incessant studying for the July California bar exam, so I apologize for the infrequent posts. Thankfully, I'm still taking time to enjoy some great food amidst the madness.

Shrimp and goat cheese omelet | Brenda's French Soul Food

Ham fritatta | Stacks Restaurant

Cantaloupe wrapped in proscuitto
Proscuitto de parma ($26.99/lb) from Bristol Farms

Chinese-style hot pot

Red velvet cupcakes | U.N. Plaza Farmer's Market

Passion fruit mousse | Cleo's Steakhouse
Definitely pay a visit here for their $19.99 Brazilian bbq buffet

Next up - a belated review of my Dine About Town dinner at One Market from last month!


Unknown said...

Those breakfasts look really juicy and satisfying. Which of the two places would you recommend more? There's nothing better than looking forward to a delicious meal at the beginning, middle, or end of the day of studying. =D

Anonymous said...

Brenda's is a tiny local joint in the Tenderloin, so their menu and space is more limited. Go there for home-style French breakfast.

Stacks is more like your typical nice brunch/breakfast place in Hayes Valley. Helen, I think you'd appreciate the food and ambiance more there. Heh.

Anonymous said...

Just a recommendation for your prosciutto e melone "Prosciutto and cantaloupe)- the original version calls for no seasoning, as the prosciutto should be doing all the legwork for you.
As an alternative source for Prosciutto I recommend the one from Costco- they carry Citterio brand (from Parma) which, while not freshly sliced, is sold at about $17/lb, and it's just as delicious as the one you'd get in Italy.
Great pictures BTW!

Erica said...

Mmmm I've never had prosciutto w/ cantaloupe, what a fabulous idea! And ohhh Brenda's <3 <3. And WOW, $20 for Brazilian BBQ?? I wanna goooo.