Monday, March 26, 2007

Omelettes are "egg"-cellent!

I do cook quite a bit, but it's all pretty simple stuff. My favorite breakfast food is a nice fluffy omelette. Actually, I could eat an omelette during any time of the day. And I love how versatile it is. All you basically need are two to three eggs, and you can put any ingredients you choose into the omelette or on top of it to garnish. Easy, simple, and delicious.

The omelette pictured here just has cheese bits on the inside and some salsa on top. Other things I like to use are ham and mushrooms. If I really feel like pampering myself, I use smoked salmon and chives on the inside and add a dash of sour cream on top to garnish.

Guess what I'm having for breakfast tomorrow? :)

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Passionate Eater said...

Egg-cellent omelette how-to! You eat much better than I did when I was a student!