Saturday, March 24, 2007


The last of the San Diego entries for now...

My friend Alan had been raving about the sweet and sour pork at Dede's for quite some time. "It's so good! It's the best thing ever!" he would say. "You have to try it. If you don't like agree with me, I'll buy you a beer."

Well that definitely makes it worth a try, right?

Dede's is tucked away in one of the many little plazas on Convoy Street, and it mainly serves Szhechuan-style food. I went with Alan and two of my other friends, and we ordered several dishes (to be shared family-style, of course), rice, and Tsingtao beer. I'm going to have to agree with Alan that their sweet and sour pork is the best I've ever tried!

The batter was very light and there was just the right amount of sauce. The result was a good balance between the cripsy coating and the tender meat inside, with perfect sweet and sour flavor! I would definitely order this again!

Another dish that really impressed me was the spicy eggplant.

At Dede's, they dipped the eggplant pieces in batter before stir-frying them with the spices, so the result was a slightly cripsy outside (not as cripsy as the pork, though) with the soft eggplant on the inside. I've never had this dish prepared this way (with the batter), but I really liked it. It was also spicy enough to require a nice swig of water or beer after each piece of eggplant, although my tolerance for spicy food was never that high.

We also ordered two clay pots - one with chicken, mushrooms, and bamboo, and the other with tofu, squash, and thin rice noodles. They weren't as standout as the other two dishes described above, but still made for a good meal.

Thanks Alan for introducing me to this place! I would definitely go to Dede's again. And the waitress gave us a free plate of cold appetizers and two extra bottles of Sapporo. Nice.

4647 Convoy Street
San Diego, CA 92111
(858) 279-5999


Passionate Eater said...

I wish they had a sweet-and-sour pork equivalent like Dede's up here in the Bay Area...

Unknown said...

so when lauren went the swt and sour pork was over fried and overbattered. haha lucky us!

Anonymous said...

Discovered Dede's about 6 months ago.
It's now my favorite in S.D. for Chinese. The egg plant is a must. Two friends, who hate egg plant but gave into my relentless precious, tried it and loved it. It is the must have. I usually try to try one or two new dishes on each trip. They have some other gems on the menu.