Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ebisu Sushi

Ebisu Sushi has been in the Sunset District for some time now, but they just recently opened a new location in the Financial District. A friend suggested trying it for lunch, so we went and each got big bowls of Japanese curry with rice. Even though they only do take-out and catering, the place was bustling with hungry lunch time customers.

The curry was quite good -- not as thick as some other places, but flavorful enough. And the portion sizes were very generous!

They also had a variety of handmade mochi, and I couldn't resist getting this white bean one topped with cute jelly decorations. Yes, I'm a sucker for presentation ... and for sakura blossoms!

Ebisu Sushi
336 Kearny Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94108


foodhoe said...

that curry looks delicious! I love it with the red pickled ginger... Do they also serve sushi? Man, I miss working in the city

Anonymous said...

Yes they also have sushi and onigiri and bento boxes ... yum!