Monday, November 9, 2009

Foodbuzz 1st Annual Blogger Festival - Day 1

Many thanks to Foodbuzz for holding its first annual food blogger festival this past weekend -- what an AWESOME event! Free food, drinks, demos, and gifts to take home, plus the chance to network with so many fascinating bloggers from across the nation/world! It was so wonderful to meet folks who share the same passion for food and who don't give weird looks when you photograph every dish that comes your way. I felt so accepted and understood :)

We heart Foodbuzz!

At the welcome reception! WongCo Food + Taste Tests

The tasting event from that night featured the best of San Francisco street food, with a lineup of some impressive mobile eateries that have re-defined gourmet meals.

Mission Minis

These gourmet cupcakes pack a lot of sweetness in a small size! The red velvet was divine; the chocolate was rich and gooey; and the cinnamon horchata brought back college memories of late night runs to Mexican joints in San Diego.

Tacolicious - delish indeed with locally sourced ingredients!

The Pie Truck

Steak & gruyere pie from The Pie Truck

Tender morsels of steak and melted gruyere tucked into this cute little pie made it my second favorite street food of the night.

My first favorite? This amazing porchetta sandwich from Roli Roti, a gourmet mobile rotisserie committed to using sustainably-farmed meats and veggies. Porchetta is a savory marinated pork roast that hails from Italy, and it was presented here with crispy pork skin, organic herbs, and onion marmalade. The combination was moan-inducing -- savory, sweet, with a balance of textures and flavors competing for my taste buds' attention. This is the sandwich to dream about.

Porchetta sandwich

Roasting the pork...

Shucking demos and raw oysters from Hog Island Oyster Company

Flatbread crisps with tomato and avocado from Alive Vegetarian Cuisine

They serve food that is all raw, organic, and vegan. Great concept, but I thought their stuff was a bit bland.

Pomegranate cheesecake from Alive Vegetarian Cuisine

Far west fungi vol au vent from Spencer on the Go

This was basically a bunch of juicy mushrooms over a puff pastry with cream sauce. Loved the mushrooms and sauce, but the pastry became disappointingly soggy real quick.

Making some pizza pies...

...and the final product from Pizza Politana!

Pilsner from Thirsty Bear & basil gimlet courtesy of Skyy Spirits

Our gift bag full of goodies!

Coverage from Day 2 to come soon!


chefectomy said...

Likewise! I enjoyed meeting and talking with you and Gin. If you need more San Diego restaurant recos let me know. Very nice roundup & photos of the events at the Festival.


foodhoe said...

ooh, I'm glad you covered the opening night festivities because I wasn't able to make it. all that food looks good, especially that pie. I still haven't been able to enjoy the street cart circuit yet.