Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Osha Thai

For cheap, authentic, and delicious Thai food, Osha Thai sure hits the spot. The closest one to my apartment is the one in the Tenderloin on Geary Street, which is a good place for me to stuff myself after a night out. My favorite is the one on 2nd Street; I think it's really pretty inside and has excellent service.

I usually get some form of noodles (pad thai or pad see you) at Osha, and I always leave completely satisfied. I've also tried their curries, and they're wonderful as well!

Pad thai w/chicken ($6.95)

Pad see you w/ beef ($6.95)


Passionate Eater said...

Wow, don't tell me you had BOTH of those dishes! We'll have to go to Tu Lan now that we are so close to that place. We'll have to convene an emergency meeting at work where you give us the low-down on the best places to eat in that area. :)

Douglas Cress said...

its only 830am but those photos just gave me a craving for thai and NOODLES!