Saturday, April 21, 2007

Melon Ramen!

My friend Helen (affectionately known as "Melon") invited me over for some of her home-cooked ramen. This girl makes ramen that I would gladly pay to eat, although she's always nice enough to not charge me :)

Melon uses Yamachan ramen noodles, which you can get from Nijiya or other Japanese stores. It's definitely much better than the dry packaged Chinese stuff I have sitting in my room.

After cooking the noodles and adding chopped green onions, she makes the miso soup using the included soup base and adding her own corn kernels:

Pour the soup over the noodles, add bean sprouts with a hard-boiled egg cut in half, and voila! You've got Melon's special ramen.

I almost wish she'd open up a noodle shop instead of becoming a top-notch attorney. But maybe she could have a business on the side.