Friday, November 25, 2011


Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, since you can eat, shop like mad on Black Friday, and look forward to Christmas fast approaching. And it's a great time to get into the habit of counting your blessings, instead of focusing on what you might be missing.

My family tried combining Asian and American dishes for Thanksgiving dinner this year and left the table happily stuffed. On the menu:
  • Butternut squash with basil (It was my first time cutting and peeling butternut squash, and it was terribly unwieldy. I'll have to research some techniques next time so I don't have to throw my weight onto the cutting board or risk losing any fingers.)
  • Brussels sprouts with garlic and prosciutto
  • Soy sauce chicken, courtesy of our local Chinese BBQ store
  • And of course, pumpkin pie!
And adding to my list of blessings plenty of leftovers. Happy Thanksgiving!!

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