Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Homemade Crème Brûlée

The boyfriend made me crème brûlée for Valentine's Day, and then I helped him make it again last week! He followed a recipe from a Youtube instructional video from the French Culinary Institute, shown below. Can't really go wrong with a crème brûlée lesson from a French guy, right?

Well, lessons from the French paid off, because the custard was nearly as good as the one in Chapeau's crème brûlée. Using real vanilla bean instead of vanilla extract makes a big difference for the flavor and the aroma and is well worth the extra price, in my opinion!

Simmering the custard

Filling the ramekins

All ready to be baked...

Making and baking the custard is pretty easy, but the tricky part about crème brûlée is getting that perfect crust on top. It's all about adding the right amount of sugar and then torching it to get a nice caramelized color. Add too little sugar, and the crust will be thin and watery; but add too much, and you'll have to chisel away to get to the custard. For next time, I'm determined to get the crust just the way I like it ... which is a good excuse to experiment more with the torch!

The final product! I like throwing on some berries for color :)

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yum! so pretty!