Monday, April 25, 2011

Dohatsuten Ramen

When I need to satisfy my ramen craving and don't want to drive too far, I hop on over to Dohatsuten for my noodle fix. It's no Santa or Halu or Orenchi, but it gets the job done. Decent broth flavor and noodle texture; the toppings are usually hit or miss but everything tastes fine after you soak it in the soup for awhile. And the prices are reasonable!

Chashu Ramen

I will, however, openly lament about the difficulty of finding a ramen shop that knows how to consistently poach an egg correctly. I asked for a poached egg, and they gave me a soft-boiled one that was not nearly runny enough. I have this same experience most everywhere I go. Sad.

Dohatsuten Ramen
Their signature ramen with spicy minced pork and Korean chili

Ta-ro Ramen (pork belly)

Veggie Ramen
Usually loaded with lots of veggies, including my personal weakness -- corn kernels!

Dohatsuten Ramen
43691 Mission Boulevard
Fremont, CA 94539

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