Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Eat Real Festival!

I checked out the wonderful Eat Real Festival at Jack London Square this past Sunday, frolicking among vendors of sustainable "street food" and gorgeous, locally-grown produce. It's really great to see the sustainable food movement spreading and attracting such a large crowd.

The message is simple -- eating sustainably is better for the environment, the farmers, and your health. Plus it tastes pretty damn good.

The first thing I saw at the entrance? The Kara's Cupcake Van!!! Resistance was impossible.

Then I caught the smell of barbecue wafting through the air ... so I went to track down some meat.

Turkey slider and corn from Jim 'N Nick's BBQ

I was most impressed with these huge vats of paella from Gerard's Paella. Apparently this guy travels to events with giant paella pans and buckets of seafood and other ingredients.

And then I waited in a long line snaking around the block for Korean tacos from Seoul on Wheels, which serves tasty Korean bites from a mobile truck.

Spicy pork taco (had to chug some water after a bite)

Rib eye taco

I tried pupusa for the first time -- a Salvadoran snack consisting of a corn flatbread stuffed with fried pork meat (or cheese) ground to a paste and topped with raw veggies and tomato sauce. Simple but delicious!

Even better when paired with a beer!

We also got to sample produce and other products from local farmers who take real pride in their food. The sweetness from the tomato salad pictured below was amazing.

Uplifting, isn't it?

Next time -- photos and my review from the soft opening of Bocanova, which I had the pleasure of attending as a fundraiser event for the Eat Real Festival. Stay tuned!

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Cookie said...

I love how the beer was served in a jar! Yum...Korean Tacos sound SO good! It's always a treat to feel good about eating some yummy food!