Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Photos from a "Secret" Japanese Gem

My boyfriend had been raving about a Japanese hole-in-the-wall joint, so we had to go try it. One visit was all it took to make me a fan. The food is simple but very fresh, and reminiscent of Japanese home cooking. Per the owner's request, I can't post the name of the restaurant together with the photos. So if you want to know where this place is, please contact me directly.

Mushroom and asparagus in some amazing sauce

Sake steamed clams


Sashimi platter

Hamachi sashimi

Ok, it was a bad idea to post a new entry before dinner. I'm starving now. 'Till next time!


annie said...

Can I be let in on which restaurant this was? :)


The food looks delicious!!!

Anonymous said...

I would love to know too...

Thank you for the wonderful post btw,


Alex said...

duuuuude. is this the place in east bay?

email me!

Passionate Eater said...

Looks just like Tekka! (I said it, not you, so I guess it makes it okay!)

sorea said...

where where? salivating.... pls do tell... thanks!!


foodhoe said...

taste tests, inquiring minds need to know! foodhoe at gmail.com please send me the goods... that sashimi platter looks mighty fine.

Jihan said...


I'm heading to SF for the first time ever...i would love to know where the "secret" japanese place is. Thank you soooo much in advance :)