Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bali Top 10

As part of my Southeast Asia trip, I spent a weekend on the little Indonesian island of Bali. It was sufficient to give me a taste of paradise and left me wishing I had allotted more time to explore the area. Here's my top ten list for the island:

1. Gorgeous beaches

Just postcard perfect!

2. Beach-side dining

3. Refreshing tropical cocktails

4. Great variety of food

5. Afternoon milkshakes

6. Temple visits

7. Colorful flowers

8. Ku De Ta - An amazing open-air restaurant and lounge set on the beach
with a stunning view of the Indian Ocean and yummy fusion cuisine.

Feels like a spring break party

Miso Alaskan Black Code "Nobu Style"
pickled daikon, asparagus, shitake mushrooms, lotus root, shiso dressing

9. Kecak dance - A traditional form of Balinese musical drama. Performers act out folk tales while a circle of men chant a chorus.

10. And finally ... beautiful sunsets to end your day


Erica said...

Ahhhh I love love love it. *sigh. :) If you get like 100 clicks on this page per day from me you will know why. :)

Annie said...

that looks exquisite!! wow, thanks for sharing!! :)