Saturday, April 12, 2008

Little Star Pizza

I think pizza is one of those foods that brings people together. For me, it's still the food of choice for low-key house parties, sports games, and lunch presentations that no one really wants to attend. Gather a group round a cheesy pie and you're basically set.

I had read quite a bit of hype about Little Star Pizza before going, and the one-hour wait for a table on a Saturday night piqued my curiosity even more. I remember muttering to my friends, "This place better be worth it," as I checked the waiting list for the tenth time while sipping on a pint of Blue Star in the crowded bar area.

Luckily, the pizza did not disappoint, and I could especially taste why everyone had been raving about the deep dish. A soft crust with deep cheesy goodness, topped with sausage, mushrooms, green bell peppers, and onions. I think I still prefer Zachary's overall, but my taste buds were definitely not complaining here.

Journeying to Chicago...

Some folks at the table preferred thin crust, so we ordered one with pesto roasted chicken, mushrooms, and onions. A nicely crisp crust, tender morsels of chicken, and pesto sauce drizzled in a spiral on top. Although I generally prefer thin crust pizza, I found myself gravitating back to the deep dish for my second round of slices.

We also ordered spicy chicken wings as an appetizer, which was the only bad part of the meal. They weren't really spicy and were over-salted. Hopefully this isn't the way they normally taste.

For some good pizza in the city, check this place out!

Little Star Pizza
400 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 551-7827


gaga said...

I love Zachary's too so I'll probably give this place a try some time. Thanks for the post.

Btw, I have a homemade version of zachary's in my blog if you're interested -

Melted Cheese Lover said...

Thanks for reminding me of Zachary's... Little Star and Z are both so yummy.... om nom nom nom!

I've blogged about Little Star several times already over at Melted Cheese