Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Wilson Creek Almond Champagne

Champagne is a must-have for any successful New Years' party. While my other bubbly-sipping friends may opt for more well-known bottles like Chandon and Korbel, I run to my nearest BevMo store to stock up on Wilson Creek Almond Champagne. True to its name, this naturally fermented sparkling wine has an alluring almond fragrance that is perfect for sipping or dessert pairing. I was reminded of almond pudding the first time I tried it. And it's still affordable at $12.99 per bottle.

I would also like to wish all my readers a happy new year! I'm glad I started this food blog, and I will try to make my entries this year even better!


annie said...

mmmm you brought that champ. to the party and it was DELICIOUS!! i LOVE almond flavored things. :)

Anonymous said...

Has anyone tried the Decadencia (Chocolate Port) from Wilson Creek?
There is also a new Cigar out from Carlos Torano that is infused with this chocolate port.