Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A&B Chinese Restaurant ... And Wrapping Up NYC

Considering that I was in NYC to visit family, I ate quite a bit of Chinese food while I was there. I have to say that the Chinese food there tastes better and fresher than what we have in SF, so my tummy was quite happy. Here are some photos from A&B Chinese Restaurant, where I had a lovely meal with my relatives. We ordered many of the classic Cantonese-style dinner dishes.

Clams in black bean sauce

Fresh seafood in a crisp egg noodle "nest"

Prawns in mayonnaise with walnuts and broccoli

This is only a sampling of the feast we had. Also not pictured is this simple but fantastic soup boiled from a fresh fish - my favorite kind of soup because all you taste is the sweetness of the fish.

A&B Chinese Restaurant
6812 Bay Parkway
Brooklyn, New York, 11204
(718) 837-3888

Since this is the last of my NYC entries, I'll add a short list of other notable places I went to where the photos didn't turn out quite so well or where I just forgot to take photos.

- Pommes Frites (123 2nd Avenue): Wonderful thick Belgian fries with a variety of scrumptious dipping sauces (e.g., pomegranate teriyaki, roasted garlic mayo, honey mustard mayo). Ask for samples before you order so you can see what you like!

- El Quijote (226 W 23rd Street): Great Spanish seafood and tapas. I was especially impressed with their mussels, as well as their filet of sole, pictured below, which was cooked in their mysterious but tasty "green sauce."

- Rickshaw Dumpling Bar: Go get their Watermelonade during the summer. It's like drilling a hole into a watermelon and sipping from it through a straw.

And with that, I'll bid good-bye to New York ... next up, notes from my recent sake tasting event in SF!


Helen U. said...

Oooh, Watermelonade? I'd like to try that. =D

I'm still thinking about my delicious dinner from Palomino last night. Yummy to mah tummy!

Helen U. said...

Was the Chinese food in NYC better than House of Nanking? I bet the food in NYC is more authentic, but taste-wise, House of Nanking is pretty up there for me.

Chubbypanda said...

Better than SF!?! Traitor! =b